RBM10 is detected as a mutational cancer driver

RBM10 reports

Gene details
Ensembl ID ENSG00000182872
Transcript ID ENST00000329236
Protein ID ENSP00000328848
Cancer types where is driver 6
Cohorts where is driver 11
Mutated samples 95
Mutations 318
Mode of action Loss of function
Known driver True
Method signals per Cancer Type
Cancer type Methods Samples Samples (%)
ClustL HotMAPS smRegions Clustered Mutations
CBaSE dNdScv Recurrent Mutations
FML Functional Mutations
MutPanning Tri-nucleotide specific bias
combination Combination
Observed mutations in tumors
The mutations needle plot shows the distribution of the observed mutations along the protein sequence.
Mutation (GRCh38) Protein Position Samples Consequence