OR1F2P has not been detected as a mutational cancer driver

Ensembl id ENSG00000203581
Mutated samples
Coding Sequence 10 (0.1%)
Protein Affecting 0 (0.0%)
Mode of action Unclassified
Known driver No
Cancer type Signals (Biases)
Clust Clustered Mutations FM Functional Mutations Rec Recurrent Mutations
This plot shows the most recurrently mutated cancer types in all OR1F2P gene mutations. Each bar of the histogram indicates the amount of samples with PAMs.

Cancer type Driver Mutated samples (CS) Mutated samples (PAM) % Mutated samples (PAM)
Hepatocarcinoma No 1 0 0.00
Cutaneous melanoma No 8 0 0.00
Esophageal carcinoma No 1 0 0.00