Barcelona Biomedical Genomics Lab

BBGLab is a research group dedicated to the computational study of cancer at the genomic level. Our lab is integrated in the Institute for Research Biomedicine (IRB) in Barcelona.

Our research is focused on the study of cancer from a genomics perspective. We are particularly interested in the identification of cancer driver mutations, genes and pathways across tumour types and in the study of their potential as therapeutic targets.


Rubio-Perez, C., Tamborero, D., Schroeder, MP., AntolĂ­n, AA., Deu-Pons,J., Perez-Llamas, C., Mestres, J., Gonzalez-Perez, A., Lopez-Bigas, N. In silico prescription of anticancer drugs to cohorts of 28 tumor types reveals novel targeting opportunities. Cancer Cell 27 (2015), pp. 382-396

Gonzalez-Perez A, Perez-Llamas C, Deu-Pons J, Tamborero D, Schroeder MP, Jene-Sanz A, Santos A & Lopez-Bigas N IntOGen-mutations identifies cancer Nature Methods 2013; doi:10.1038/nmeth.2642

Tools and Data

IntOGen mutations uses several data sources and tools.

Tumor mutation data

Most tumour somatic mutations data (although not all) comes from: ICGC: The International Cancer Genome Consortium, TCGA: The Cancer Genome Atlas and independent projects. See in each project details for its source

Driver identification methods

OncodriveFM: Identifies genes with a bias towards high functional mutations, OncodriveCLUST: Identifies genes with a significant regional clustering of mutations MutSigCV: Identifies genes mutated more frequently than background mutation rate OncodriveROLE: Classifies driver genes according to its mode of action in Activation or Loss of Function

Mutations mapping

Ensembl VEP from Ensembl 70 has been used for all gene & transcript mapping as well as the official gene and transcript names. PFAM 27 domains have been downloaded from their ftp server and the obtained regions have been mapped using PRA-Tool.


HighCharts has been used for various plots and Mutations Needle Plot library has been for the mutation distribution plots